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Triangulon is one of the eight gods, traditionally the third to be drawn. His secret is "Everything self-perpetuates".

Triangulon can best be described as a huge, hovering red equilateral triangle of side 1 kilometre who flies at length around the Wicklow mountains and near Bray-Greystones-Kilmacanogue, and upon whom is inscribed in giant letters "Three sides, three angles, one god". Despite this, he is often drawn with simply a large number "3" on him, for simplification.

How Triangulon influences the universe is anyone's guess but his existence highlights points such as no matter what the triangle is, all the angles will add up to 180 degrees, which is useful in inspiring awe while using a triangular metaphor (such as describing where any three people live in relation to each other). Further to this is the point that any three distinct points always form a triangle, which is also an interesting fact.

Triangulon is by no means necessarily the god of maths, however it is unlikely we will understand his full significance until after the discovery of the The Ultimate Comment.

Luckily for us, Triangulon doesn't care whether we can prove anything about him. Unstoppably and implicitly to the universe, he just is. No weapon can destroy Pythagoras' theorem, and no Dáil or monarch can repeal it. That is perhaps the one vital clue to Triangulon's importance.

The Red Triangle Gang in Batman are a group of renegade circus performers who turn to a life of over-the-top crime.

The agni tatwa revered in Indian religions is a red triangle. It is seen as the unmanifested form having the qualities of fire, redness, triangularness, heat and anger.

(The red triangle is the descending tongue of grace)

A Red Triangle

Proof of Triangulon's existence

  1. Triangulon exists.
  2. Both these statements are false.

2 cannot be true, as this would create a contradixion. So 2 is false

If 1 were also false, then both would be false. However, this is impossible, as we have just said that 2 is false, i.e. it is not the case that both statements are false.

NOW, if 1 is true and 2 is false, then Triangulon exists and 2 is false, because it's wrong about Triangulon not existing. This is the only way to assign truth values to these propositions that does not lead to an absurd paradox. Therefore, it is impossible that Triangulon does not exist. Abracadabra!

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