A Magical Trumpet Called Bill

![A Magical Trumpet Called Bill](//images/upload/billdraw.png"amagicaltrumpetcalled_bill")

A Magical Trumpet Called Bill is one of the eight gods, traditionally the seventh to be drawn. His secret is "Laughing is always an option". He may be seen as the God of Fun.

A Magical Trumpet Called Bill was first discovered in 2003 when he existed solely as a phrase uttered by someone on The Bus that went to Infinity thinking he had heard it before somewhere.

When it turned out he had not, it became obvious that it had popped out of nowhere, probably from the spirit world. Thus a Magical Trumpet Called Bill was revealed by divine sources to be one of the divine archetypes of forces operating in the world.

He is usually pictured as a golden trumpet flying at high speed through various dimensions into different realities, some of which are insane. (Compare the Flying Spaghetti Monster)

A Magical Trumpet Called Bill's movement is usually signified by motion lines to his rear, and he always seems to have stuff shooting out his front portion, which is rarely discussed. The stuff has been theorised to be 'insanity'. It's always at the very least some stars or spirals and magic lines.

If A Magical Trumpet Called Bill manifested himself in real life he would be moving too fast for you to see. However since spacetime is curved, you will see him over and over in the same place as he crosses the universe and ends up in the same space, in a sort of flickering line as on a television screen. Until May 2007, A Magical Trumpet Called Bill was believed to be a ridiculous god. However, scientific discoveries disproved this.

Nada brahma! The universe is sound! In the beginning was the word! Sounds shapes the universe and A Magical Trumpet Called Bill is the cosmic trumpet that plays the sounds that form reality. "All music, based upon melody and rhythm, is the earthly representative of heavenly music." "There is music in the spacing of the spheres." A Magical Trumpet Called Bill plays the music of the spheres, the mystical harmony. Sciento-mysticism tells us that everything is harmonic vibration of matter. The music played by A Magical Trumpet Called Bill shapes the entire universe by cymatic resonance - or something. He who has ears to hear, let him hear! Miaow!, 23!