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Reality Fish

The Reality Fish The Reality Fish is one of the [The eight gods, traditionally the fifth to be drawn. The reality fish's secret is ''THE ONLY DIVISION'S LINGUISTIC''. The reality fish started as a cartoon which made some girls laugh, even though it was just a fish with one eye saying 'I'm a fish'. Since that point it has gained an eye and bubbles. The reality fish, it has been theorised, is the source of [self-referentiality and reflexive self-consciousness

James Joyce in Ulysses talks about "the fishgods of Dundrum". If anyone can tell us what the hell he was talking about, The Ultimate Comment will send you Three free bottles of wine as a reward.

"I think The Fish is largely responsible for the effects of psychedelics and empathogens. Here's why: To be conscious it to be conscious of something. So consciousness is a relation between perceiver and perceived. But there is a certain habituated alienation between consciousness as perceiver and the objects perceived. What distinguishes the existence of humans (and dolphins) from the existence of the brutes is that this intentional relation can be reflexive; our mind can perceive itself. This is only possible because of The 'I'm a fish' Fish. Now, a recurring theme in analytic treatments of the psychedelic experince is that of 'connectedness'. In The Doors of Perception, this idea is expressed as the cerebral reducing valve shutting down, letting more of the universe into the mind. Ego death is the annihilation of the distinction between the personal 'me' and the impersonal 'it', me into it, it into me. (The distinction is ego.) So what happens in psychedelic or empathic experiences is that the reflexive intentional relation which characterises or idea of 'what is me' (The Fish) expands to include the outside world, the not-me. The Fish is empowered, The Fish takes over. Empathy." - Conor

Unity is the origin of all things. Nothing exists except as a unity (cf. Plotinus). The One is not aware of its oneness, because awareness presupposes subject-object dualism. There is nothing more sacred or fundamental than existence. The Hindu holy syllable Aum means "I am". The true name of God in the Bible is Yahweh: "I am". Existence is what the universe is all about. This is the key to understanding The Reality Fish.

Consciousness arises when The One becomes a duality, when it becomes aware of itself. (Note the use of two different words, "it" and "itself", demonstrating the duality.) The Aristotelean view is that divine thought is circular - God does nothing but constantly think himself into existing. In other words, God, being infinite and self-contained, always thinks "I'm God", just like The I'm a Fish Fish. Human thought, on the other hand, is straightline and thinks about things other than itself.

Divine being is the same thing as divine thought. "I'm a fish" is an inherently dualistic statement, but contained in a single being. Subject and object are one (referentially), but semantically distinct.

"In the beginning there was only the great self reflected in the form of a person. Reflecting, it found nothing but itself. And its first words were: 'I am this!'"

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