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Holy Spoon


The Holy Spoon

\ Say it is a spoon and you affirm.\ Say it is not a spoon and you deny.\ Beyond affirmation and denial - what is it?]]

Also known as 'The Holy Spoon of Destiny', the Holy Spoon is one of The eight gods, traditionally the fourth to be drawn. Its secret is "There's not enough fun to be had".

Probably not to be confused with the Holy Spoon from the Catholic Church's communion rites, the Holy Spoon bears the greek word 'καλλιστι', meaning 'for the fairest' made famous by the Golden Apple of Discordianism (see links section). The Spoon's relevance to the Ultimate Comment especially where the ultimate comment relates to the aggregate of all things referred to in conversation, comes from the surprising recent increase in random spoon references, especially where spoons are seen as magic or powerful.

Much like General Miaow, the Holy Spoon is the general form of the specific reference, The Spoon took physical form in December 2005 in an engraved spoon of the highest quality, being kept in a secret location in Dublin.

On closer inspection of the picture of the Holy Spoon it would appear that there is in fact a large spaceship made out of something which could be giant Lego in the picture. This observation does not need to be clarified. The spaceship is a sign that the Mars journey is imminent.

It has been noticed that the form of a spoon is an elongated rod bit, which in all religions represents the master principle/ the subject of a verb/ the masculine/ the imposing, united with a rounded hollow bit, which in all religions represents the passive principle/ the object of a verb/ the feminine/ the recepetive. (See: Interrobang)

There was a small insane cult started in DCU around the year 1999 which worshipped spoons. I'm told it's still going.

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