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DXM Angel

The DXM Angel

The DXM Angel is a goddess, and one of The eight gods, usually the last to be drawn. Her secret is "It's happening in the place".

The DXM stands for "Do eXercise More" which is certainly good advice. (Bet you thought it had to do with dextromethorphan, didn't ya?) Very little is known about the DXM Angel, though she is one of the most commonly sighted of the abstract gods, her image appearing in fog and smoke patterns. It's possible that the DXM Angel is invisible without such a substrate.

Supposedly this image shows her in smoke, I'm told (but I don't see it).

And here she is in the smoke of the World Trade Centre:

Um... yeah... These photos prove irrefutably that eveything we say must be true.

Without the DXM angel, the gods would therefore solely exist as seven gods. Seven gods would be, en francais, Les Sept Dieus, and en espaƱol, Los Siete Dioses. No time to dwell, I'll let you figure out the link.

Thus, is the DXM angel, considering she is the only god that actually refers to a psychotropic cough syrup ingredient, a link to the the other gods, because considering how insane the gods are, heavy psychedelics help in understanding the eight gods in their entirety and indeed The Ultimate Comment? Well, they help, but the 8 gods be not exclusive.

People who don't experiment with chemicals love the 8 gods also... For this reason, it was actually decided that the DXM Angel should not directly reference a drug, so DXM stands for 'Do eXercise More'.